Leaving flowers at the graveside is a meaninful ritual that can help you remember your loved ones, celebrate their lives and continue to heal. Trigard Memorials offers two types of vases to complement your memorial.


Trigard Bronze Vase

Our bronze vase features unmatched detail and beautiful hand finishing. It is the perfect, modern complement to any of our memorials. You may choose from two vase rings: the highly textured pine ring and the sleek plain ring. 


The ring helps secure the vase in the upright position to hold flowers as well as when the vase is inverted without flowers.


AlumaBronze Vase

Trigard's AlumaBronze vase includes the same beautiful detail as our Bronze Vase. But this special vase is made of aluminum, but finished to look like bronze. When they are side-by-side, the only way to tell the difference is to see which one is heavier.


We understand the importance of visiting the graveside in the days that immediately follow the loss of a loved one. Our AlumaBronze Vase is designed specifically for our Memorial Security temporary marker system. The temporary marker can be ready in 24 hours, ready to mark the grave until the permanent memorial is selected. The AlumaBronze vase includes a large nut and bolt to affix the temporary marker's steel plate.