Remembrance Medallions

Remembrance Medallions by Trigard Memorials are a unique addition to existing niche fronts, mausoleums and memorials. A stronger alternative than ceramic cameos, our bronze medallions feature exquisite detail in traditional oxide or the vibrant color of Brilliant Impressions®.


Whether you are celebrating a special date or want to add beauty and value to your loved one's memorial with our cutting-edge technology, our medallions are an affordable addition.


For the tech-savvy, Trigard Memorials is proud to be the first in the industry to incorporate QR codes in our memorials. Smartphone users can scan the code in the cemetery or mausoleum, which takes them to any web page the family chooses. Whether it points to a social media page, blog or personal website, the QR code links the physical gravesite with a virtual guestbook and connects visitors with another place to share memories.


With changing QR code technology, a Remembrance Medallion is the perfect way to add this virtual link to a memorial without having to purchase a completely new marker. Plus, as technology changes, it's easy and affordable to replace the medallion.